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High Volume Grit Blasting

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Grit Blasting
Grit Blasting

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Our high volume grit blasting capability at NESCO / The Metal Ware Corporation can be used to prepare virtually any metallic part for secondary coatings or finishes. Our 12-head high volume blasting system utilizes aluminum oxide media to efficiently create the desired level of finish on a wide variety of part sizes. Aluminum oxide is second only to diamond in its hardness and does not chemically react with any metal substrate. Due to its hardness, it is extremely efficient in its removal of scale, rust, debris, or old coatings. With its speed and efficacy, or high volume grit blasting system provides one of the most cost effective methods of surface preparation of any abrasive blasting procedure.

In addition to abrasive blasting, we offer numerous related finishing services which can be combined to create a turnkey finishing solution. Coating services include the application of powder coating and nonstick coatings using a chain on edge automated spraying system. Premium quality coatings are used to meet all applicable UL, CSA, EC, and other consumer product safety standards for food service equipment, appliances, and other consumer goods.

Stenciling, screen-printing, hot stamping, and pad printing can be used to apply logos, text, or other decoration onto the product surface. We offer several different options to account for a wide array of part sizes, materials, and production volumes. Several inventory management and distribution options are available and can be customized on an individual basis to meet customers’ needs. For additional information about our high volume grit blasting capability, see the table below, or contact us directly.

High Volume Grit Blasting Capabilities

Primary Capability
High Volume Grit Blasting
12-Head Blasting System
Grit Material
Aluminum Oxide
Coating Options
Powder Coating
Nonstick Coating
Decorative/Printing Options
UV Stenciling
Screen Printing
Hot Stamping
Pad Printing
Additional Services Provided
Tooling Design
Engineering Support
Metal Stamping
Plastic Injection Molding
Rubber Extrusion
Production Volume
Low Volume
High Volume
Typical Lead Time
Quoted on a Job by Job Basis

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Small Appliance
Food Service
Arts & Crafts
Industry Standards
NSF International
Public Health & Safety Organization
Precision Metalforming Association (PMA)
File Formats
Paint Shop Pro

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