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Fabricated Pan Handler Fish Filleter for Retail Industries

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Pan Handler® Fish Filleter
Pan Handler® Fish Filleter

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At NESCO / The Metal Ware Corporation, The Pan Handler® Fish Filleter is an example of one of the unique products that we manufacture here at our facility.

Engineered for ease of use, the Pan Handler is a safe and effective alternative to conventional methods of filleting pan fish. The user simply places the fish body on the guide plate, latches the upper and lower halves together, inserts the special twin blade knife, and then after a few strokes has two beautiful fillets. With compact dimensions of 12” in length x 6” in width x 5” in height, it is portable and easy to store.

We use various fabrication methods to manufacture the components from food-grade materials including ABS, polyethylene, aluminum, and steel. Quality construction is a vital aspect of keeping this device safe to use. We manufacture critical features, such as the spring action grippers and latching mechanism, with close tolerance precision to ensure they perform reliably and are not compromised by premature wear from repeated use. Ultrasonic welding of the plastic body components creates strong joints to exacting tolerances while minimizing the need for mechanical fasteners that are prone to loosen over time.

Each of the many components, as well as the final assembled product, is subject to rigorous test and inspection. Keeping tolerances as close as ±.005” assures accurately fitted parts and the robust construction that is a trademark of the brand name. We manufacture this product at the rate of approximately 2,500 units annually at cost profile that keeps is price-competitive.

For more details about this project, refer to the table below. Contact us at any time to learn more about our comprehensive manufacturing and assembly capabilities.

Pan Handler Fish Filleter Project Highlights

Project Name
Pan Handler Fish Filleter
Project Description
This is a hand fish filleter that fillets both sides of fish at once.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Metal Fabrication
Injection Molding
Sonic Welding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Injection Molding Presses
Metal Punch Presses
Sonic Welding
Overall Part Dimensions
12"L X 6"W X 5"H
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Spring Steel Stamping
Material Finish
Natural Aluminum
Natural Black ABS and Poly
Industry for Use
Retail Housewares
Retail Sporting Goods
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Fit and Performance
Visual Inspection
Assemble and Pack
2,500 pieces annually
Delivery/Turnaround Time
In-Stock with 3 Week Turnaround
Delivery Location
FOB Two Rivers, Wisconsin

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