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Custom Manufactured Tumble Drum Fish Scaler for the Housewares Industry

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Tumble Drum™ Fish Scaler
Tumble Drum™ Fish Scaler

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From design and engineering to fabrication, assembly, and testing, at NESCO / The Metal Ware Corporation, we played an important role in bringing a novel new appliance into the homes of sport fishing enthusiasts. Our extensive background in manufacturing custom outdoor products combined with our comprehensive skills mix allowed us to provide an end-to-end, budget-conscious solution that exhibited a high standard of quality.

The Tumble Drum™ Fish Scaler is an electric appliance that removes the scales from up to 30 fish at a time with absolutely no mess. Based on market studies, a target price point was established for this product and production costs budgeted to meet that specific goal. Therefore, it was essential for our production plan to strategically use material resources and optimize fabrication and assembly processes to keep costs as low as possible yet uphold the elevated level of quality associated with the brand.

Featuring finished overall dimensions of 39.0" in length x 18.25" in width x 13.0" in height; we manufactured and assembled the product from a mix of stainless steel, natural black ABS, and polypropylene components. In addition to various sheet metal fabrication processes, production involved injection molding, spot welding, as well as hardware insertion and electrical assembly. Our rigorous quality assurance included visual inspections, fit and performance testing, as well as electrical testing for UL/cUL agency approval.

Extremely well-built and safe and easy to use, this fish scaler is the only one on the market designed for home use. It is a very popular item in a niche market, and we continue to build them at the rate of 1,200 units annually. We keep ample stock of all components for a three-week turnaround on product delivery.

More details about this project are presented in the table below. Contact us at any time for more information or to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities.

Tumble Drum Fish Scaler Project Highlights

Project Name
Tumble Drum Fish Scaler
Project Description
This is an electric fish scaler that scales up to 30 fish at one time.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Metal Fabrication
Injection Molding
Metal Rolling
Metal Perforating
Spot Welding
Electrical Testing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Injection Molding Presses
Metal Punch Presses
Spot Welding
Overall Part Dimensions
39"L X 18.25"W X 13"H
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Stainless Steel
Electrical Components
Material Finish
Bright Stainless Steel
Natural Black ABS and Poly
Industry for Use
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Electrical Dielectric Testing at 1,250 Volt
Fit and Performance
Visual Inspection
1,200 pieces annually
Delivery/Turnaround Time
Stock with 3 Week Turnaround
Delivery Location
FOB Two Rivers, Wisconsin

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